The best way to remember your offspring.

All the pedigree of your horses in one place!

For all types of horse owners


Piquenina van Vredeloo



It doesn’t matter what kind of horse lover you are. This book keep records of all your horses and fillies in your life time you want to remember.

It has room for 37 horses. Every horse covers 2 pages where you can write the Name, Pedigree, Results and 15 Foals. There is even room for the best photograph of your horse.

Class at your stables

With the linen cover and gold embossing, we have tried to give the book the class your horses deserve.


There is with te soft colored pages room for 37 horses. Each horse covers 2 pages.
The book starts with your stud name following with an index. 


If you want to order from other countries then The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium of Germany?
Please contact us at and we will contact you a.s.a.p.